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*EZ Stop Property Management specializes in single family homes, serving the Sacramento and Placer counties including Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, South Sacramento.west Sacrmento North Highlands and Natomas Area.

*With EZ Stop Property management You will enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of maintaining the property. Here’s EZ Stop Property Management. With over 5 years of experience in residential property management.

EZ Stop Property Management  is to secure a quality tenant that pays Rent on time and takes excellent care of your property, making your financial investment safe. Our mission is to preserve and protect your property investment so that it remains an attractive property for rent or sale.


*Assess the condition of the property
*Recommend actions to make your property most rentable
*Analyze your properties rental value based upon current market rent
*Agree with you on terms of a Property Management Agreement
*Assist you with preparing your property as part of our excellent service to you


*Advertise and market your property on the internet, posting signs and other methods
*Show your property to prospective tenants
*Property Managers are available 7 days a week, so that your property can be shown to prospective tenants when it is convenient for them
*Qualify tenants through credit and reference checks
*Each tenant must complete our detailed application, meet minimum income and work history requirements, rental or ownership history requirements, and minimum credit requirements
*Lease terms will be negotiated in writing and signed by all parties
*Set up new tenant and landlord accounts

Rent Collection

*Rents are due the first of the month
*Rents are payable through direct deposit to provide faster payment
*If rent is late five days, we will issue the legal notices required to collect the rent and collect late fees
*If necessary, we will manage eviction proceedings

Property Watch

*Coordinate necessary maintenance repairs by licensed professionals
*Keep a visual watch on your property
*Notify you of all important changes
*Move-in & Move-out inspections will be completed on the property


*Reports will be provided to you detailing the income and expenses for your property by mail
*Many reports are available through your online account, so you can view current or past reports when it is convenience 24/7.                                                                                         *Annual 1099 Tax Forms will be issued  to help in filing your taxes promptly


*The owner's home insurance must be adequate to cover potential damages that are not the fault of the tenant.
*The accuracy of the contractual agreements used by EZ Stop Property Management are backed by our own Errors and Omissions Insurance policy.


*We use only reliable, proven, cost effective, licensed companies and independent contractors
*Tenants can request repairs 24 hours a day via online, phone and e-mail so that repairs are completed quickly
*There is no mark up on this service so we bill you only for the amount charged for the service


*Due to our  screening of applicants prior to move-in, we rarely need to proceed with evictions. Occasionally a tenant's financial situation may worsen, and if they are uncooperative with our collection method, we use a specialized attorney for eviction..privacysecurity© 2003-2013 Powered by Buildium, LLC • Online Property Management • All rights reserved.

EZ Stop Property Management 

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